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The three type of inclined planes are the following: wedge,screw( the screw is one because it has an inclined plane wraped around it),slide,ramp,hills,slopes,egyptian pyramids,a vacuum cleaner (when you press the recline button with your foot),a lawn mower,a pen,pencil,sissors,knifes,and seesaws. I know you said 5 examples but instead i did 14. Also if you are in the 4th grade like me you are crazy to ask this question. If you are not in the 4th grade and you are older than 4th graders like i said you are crazy for asking this question.That is the answer for your question. P.S. If you have a penguin on Club Penguin go to any server and go anywhere in club penguin and you might see me there.

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Q: What are five examples of an inclined plane?
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