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All numbers greater than one are positive integers that are either composite or prime numbers.

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Q: What are numbers after one that are composite and prime numbers?
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Related questions

If one is not prime or composite what is it?

There is no name for numbers which are neither prime nor composite.

What is the difference to composite and prime numbers?

prime numbers are numbers that can only be divided by one and itself. Composite numbers can be divided by more than one and itself.

How are prime numbers and composite numbers related?

The relationship between prime numbers and composite numbers is that they are antonyms or opposites of each other. A natural number, is either prime or composite, but it can not be both. Prime numbers have only two factors, one and itself. Composite numbers are whole numbers that are not prime numbers, which means that they have factors other than one and itself.

Name the two composite numbers that are prime?

No composite numbers are prime. A composite number is a number that can be made by multiplying other numbers. A prime number is made only by one and itself. Therefore no number can be both prime and composite

Which is greater prime or composite numbers?

There are more composite numbers than prime numbers, but there is no prime or composite number so great that you can't find a greater one of either kind.

Is number1 prime or composite?

Neither. Prime and composite numbers are greater than one.

If you add a prime number to itself is the the sum composite or prime?

The sum of two prime numbers will be composite unless one of the prime numbers is 2.

Are prime numbers greater than 2 composite?

No. Prime numbers cannot be composite and composite numbers cannot be prime!

Are there more prime and composite numbers in the set from one to hundred?

more composite numbers

What is an facts about prime numbers?

Prime numbers are numbers that have only 2 factors, 1 and itself. The number one is not prime or composite. Most prime numbers are odd. There is only one composite even number, 2.

Give two composite numbers that are also prime numbers?

Greater than one, numbers are either composite or prime, never both.

Which numbers are not composite numbers?

Composite numbers have more than two factors. So, the numbers which have two or less than two factors are not composite numbers. Numbers which have exactly two factors are prime numbers. 1 is an exceptional case because it is neither prime nor composite since it has only one factor which is 1.

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