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Q: What are some examples of associative neurons?
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What is. The function of associative neurons?

The neurons form the bodies nervous system.

Conceptual meaning and associative meanings differences with examples?

with examples? Conceptual meaning and associative meanings differences

What are examples of associative toponyms?

Mill Valley, California is an associative Toponym.

What neuron is found only within the central nervous system?

Interneurons are neurons found exclusively within the central nervous system. They act as a bridge between sensory and motor neurons, helping to process and transmit signals within the CNS.

What part of the brain contains the associative neurons?

In CNS i.e. in spinal chord and in brain

What is associative neurons?

Associative Neuron-is the basic neuron of the brain.And it can control the all body.... Please Add nIyo ako sa Facebook

Examples of associative property?


What is an organ that would contain an associative neuron?

The brain is an organ that contains associative neurons. These neurons are responsible for forming connections between different regions of the brain to support higher cognitive functions such as memory and learning.

What language supports associative arrays?

AWK, Perl and PHP are three examples.

What is the name of the chemical neurons send to communicate with other neurons?

Neurotransmitters. Some examples: glutamate, GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), epinephrine, norephinephrine, acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin

What type of neuron is also called an interneurn because it carries messages between the other two types of neurons Associative Afferent Efferent?

The type of neuron that is also known as an interneuron is the associative neuron. Interneurons are responsible for transmitting signals between sensory neurons (afferent neurons) and motor neurons (efferent neurons) in the central nervous system.

What are some examples of associative learning?

Examples of associative learning include classical conditioning (Pavlov's dog salivating at the sound of a bell) and operant conditioning (a rat learning to press a lever for food). Other examples include taste aversion learning (associating a specific food with illness) and spatial learning (associating landmarks with specific locations).