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Q: What are some negative factors to overcome when investigating a fire scene?
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When is a crime scene closed?

When the investigating officials have deemed the scene no longer necessary for the collection/preservation of evidence

What information may be important to law enforcement officers investigating a crime scene?

what route you took to the scene

Use forensic in a sentence?

The forensic team were at the scene of the crime investigating.

Who is considered as the main actor in crime scene investigation?

The 'lead' investigating officer/detective is in charge regardless of who is "working" the scene.

Proper location and documentation of bloodstain patterns at the crime scene is the responsibility of?

. . . The Forensic Crime Scene Technician or the Investigating Detective.

What is the definition of the term 'investigating'?

Investigating refers to act of observing and inquiring into details by examining in a systematic way. It may also refer to a group or person involved in the act, as in an accident scene investigating team.

How long does a crime scene remain a crime scene?

Until the investigating agency has released it and no longer needs it to gather or recover evidence.

How man dimensions are there in a crime scene?

It is the responsibility of the investigating agency to determine the dimensions of the crime scene. usually the scene is measured in length and width...but can contain all heights within those dimensions

Did any of the investigating officers die during investigation of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

The scene makes it seem so.

Who shot Warrick on CSI?

Warrick Brown was shot by the Undersheriff Jeffrey McKeen while investigating a crime scene in the episode "For Warrick" (Season 9, Episode 1) of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

How would you use scrupulously in a sentence?

Investigating detectives could not find any forensic evidence at the murder scene, because it had been scrupulously cleaned.

What are the consequences if a passenger leaves the scene of an accident?

Although it seems a little strange and might lead the investigating officers to look further into the circumstances, I am not aware of any law which requires that a PASSENGER in the vehicle(s) involved remain on the scene.