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Q: What are take away trays made out of?
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What metal is baking trays made from?

Baking trays are typically made from aluminum due to its ability to conduct heat evenly and resist corrosion. Stainless steel and non-stick coated trays are also commonly used.

Sheridan made 4 trays of cookies.She took 2 trays to school.She took3 4ths of a tray to her teacher.How many trays of cookies did Sheridan have left?


What plastic is ice cube trays made of?


What are some materials that shower trays may be made of?

Shower trays can be made from a number of different materials as long as they are water proof. Some of these materials include plastic, metal, and even stone or marble.

How do the secret annex deal with 26 trays of strawberries?

They made jam.

What is the plural of tray?

Trays is the plural of tray.

What are ice cube trays made of?

most commonly plastic or flexible silicone

Plastic trays used for eating are commonly called what?

Plastic trays used for eating are commonly called cafeteria trays or food trays.

Are Texas Ware Dinner Trays microwavable?

No, they are made of melmac/melamine which is not microwave-safe.

What kind of chocolate do you use for melting and then molding?

Use trays with the shapes you'd like. There are specially-made chocolate trays, but any mold will do. You can also try cookie cutters on aluminum foil as opposed to trays.

How do you say table trays in Spanish?

The Spanish word for trays is bandejas. Table trays would be bandejas de mesa.

What fraction of the 20 trays is purple?

Let x equal the number of purple trays. The fraction of trays that are purple will be x/20