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add, subtract, multiply, divide

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Q: What are the 4 fundamental operations on whole numbers?
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4 fundamental operations of decimal numbers?

What are the 4 Fundamental Operations in decimals

What is the meaning of 4 fundamental operation?

The four fundamental operations in mathematics are:additionsubtractionmultiplication, anddivision.

What are the four fundamental operations of algebraic expression?

The four fundamental operations are: 1. addition 2. subtraction 3. multiplication 4. division

What is the 4 fundamental operation in fraction?

They are the fundamental operations of arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

What the answer in fundamental operation in mathematics?

The 4 fundamental operations in mathematics are: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication

What is 4 fundamental operations?

They are: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication

Defined fraction and then the four fundamental operations?


What are the 4 fundamental operations in math?

That refers to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

What are the fitted word to the 4 fundamental operations?

the 4fundamental operation is add,subtract,multiply addition

What are the four fundamental math concepts used in evaluating an expression?

The fundamental math operations: 1. Multiplication 2. Division 3. Addition 4. Subtraction The operator performs the operations of the expression in the order from the left to the right.

What is 21 over 4 as a consecutive whole numbers?

21/4 is not a whole number and it cannot be represented as consecutive whole numbers.

How do you make 1-9 equal to 100 using the 4 fundamental operations?

(9x8)+(7x6) - ((5+4+3+2)/1)