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Q: What are the Difference between canonical form and standard form?
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What is the difference between standard form and vertex form?

The difference between standard form and vertex form is the standard form gives the coefficients(a,b,c) of the different powers of x. The vertex form gives the vertex 9hk) of the parabola as part of the equation.

What is the difference between standard and exponetial form?

if u write 100000 this is standard form. and if you write 104 this exponential form

What is the difference between a standard form recipe and a descriptive form recipe?


Difference between standard and canonical form?

The two CANONICAL FORMS of Boolean algebra are basic forms that one obtains from reading a function from the truth table. These forms are very seldom the ones with the least number of literals, because each minterm or maxterm must contain, by definition, all the variables either complemented or true form.Another way to express Boolean functions is in STANDARD FORM. In this configuration, the terms that form the function may contain one, two, or any number of literals.- Digital Design by Mano

What is the difference between the slope intercept form and the standard form?

Slope intercept form is displayed as y=mx+b.

Difference between place value and face value?

The difference is the PLACE VALUE is the number in standard form and the VALUE is the name of the place spot the number is in.

Convert a canonical form to linear form?

plz sir tell me how to convert the canonical form into stanadard form in boolean expression.We have this prblem in digital logic design

What is the difference between scientific notation and standard form?

Scientific notation (also called standard form or exponential notation) is a way of writing numbers that accommodates values too large or small to be conveniently written in standard decimal notation.

What is the difference between a form file object and a windows form object?

difference between a form file and a form.

What is the difference between standard form and ordinary?

Ordinary form is when its the number e.g 70 000 . standard form is the digits above zero infron of how many times its multiplied. in this case the answer would be 7X10 to the power of 5 hope this helps

What is the difference between standard Japanese and common Japanese?

Standard is the more polite form between the two. The verbs end with 'masu' and you don't omit 'desu' Common is what is spoken among friends, you use dictionary form of verbs and you may omit 'desu'

Is there a difference between a standard telephone cable and a cable for the modem?

Telephone is Cat3 while the cable coming form the modem is Cat5