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a screw is basically an inclined plane wrapped around a pole, and an inclined plane is basically a ramp. a wedge is a double sided inclind plane and is mainly used to split things apart

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Q: What are the Differences between screws wedges and inclined planes?
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Samples of simple machines?

screws, inclined planes,

How are inclined planes and screws different?

a screw is a rotating inclined plane. like an inclined plane wraped around a cylinder.

How do screws act as inclined planes?

Because the head of the bed was raised

Are wedges and screws examples of inclined planes?

Yes, wedges and screws are examples of inclined planes. A wedge is a double-inclined plane that can be used to lift or separate objects, while a screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder that allows for rotational motion to drive it into a surface.

What are the categories of simple machines?

the categories are levers, wheel and axel , pulleys,wedges, inclined planes, and screws.

Screws and wedges are types of?

a screw and wedges are types of simples machines - are actually modified inclined planes....

Is there a screw that is also an inclined plane?

No, a screw is not an inclined plane. Although a screw can be used to convert rotational motion into linear motion, it is fundamentally different from an inclined plane, which is a flat surface that is slanted at an angle.

How are wedges and screws different than inclined planes?

A wedge IS an inclined plane while a screw is an inclined plane that goes round and round while moving from one end of the object to the other end.

Explain why wedges and screws are actually types of inclined planes?

Wedges and screws are types of inclined planes because they involve a sloped surface that allows for the movement of objects. When a force is applied to a wedge or screw, the inclined surface causes the object to move along the path of least resistance, similar to how an inclined plane functions. This design helps to reduce the amount of force needed to lift or move objects.

What is the uses of inlined planes?

Inclined planes are used to reduce the amount of force needed to lift objects by spreading the work over a longer distance. They are commonly found in ramps, stairs, and even screws, making it easier to move heavy objects vertically. Inclined planes are also used in machinery such as conveyor belts to transport materials efficiently.

What six types of simple machines are levers wheels and axles?

lever, wheel and axle, screw, wedge, pulley, and inclined plane

Why are wedges and screws are actually types of incline planes?

Why is the wedge and screw actually an inclined plane? Well, screws are actually tapering, if you take the ridge off and lay it flat. The screw is actually nothing but an inclined plane wrapped around a small pole. The wedge is an inclined plane because it starts at a point, then goes up, getting thicker, like an inclined plane. It's just that a knife's not used to lift a box of glasses onto a train. Imagine using an inclined plane as a knife!