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Q: What are the Pythagoras inventions?
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How did Pythagoras ideas and inventions change our perspective of light?

how did his inventions change the world

Did Pythagoras invent the greek music scale?

Pythagoras was a Greek mathematician who had several inventions. Pythagoras created the Pythagorean scale, a music scale that was commonly used throughout Greece.

What is the order of these inventions created Pythagoras Edison Gauss Hawking?

The correct order is Pythagoras, Edison, Gauss, Hawking. Pythagoras was around 500 BC, Edison was in the 19th century, Gauss was in the 18th-19th century, and Hawking was in the 20th century.

What did Pythagoras do for us?

He invented formulas and great inventions! Formulas: A^2+B^2=C^2 which is to calculate the distance between two points where you know a and b (like in a square) |-----| |\ | a| \ c | | \ | | \| |-----| b and inventions like the cup of Pythagoras which drains (leeks) when you put too much liquid in it. In this way scientists from now can build toilets so they don't smell like hell if you drained it.

Why was Pythagoras reffered to as the Pythagoras of samos?

Pythagoras was called "Pythagoras of Samos" because he was born in Samos.

what is Pythagoras full name?

Pythagoras of Samos

Did Pythagoras die?

Yes, Pythagoras died on None

What work did Pythagoras do?

pythagoras made the famous pythagoras theorem and many more....

What qualifications do Pythagoras have?

what qualificationa do pythagoras have.

What is the name of the mathematician which is Pythagoras?


What is the first name of Pythagoras?


What nationality was Pythagoras?

Pythagoras was Greek.