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The time-independent Schr

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Q: What are the differences in the use of the time-dependent Schrodinger equation and the time-independent Schrodinger equation?
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When was the electron wave equation written?

This is the Schrodinger equation from 1925-1926.

What year did Schrodinger make a model of the electrons surrounding the nucleus at a distance?

The Schrodinger equation is from January 1926.

Can schrodinger equation be driven?

No, the Schrödinger equation cannot be derived using classical physics principles. It was developed in quantum mechanics to describe the behavior of quantum particles, such as electrons, and is based on the probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics.

Who designed a mathematical equation for the model of the atom?

Erwin Schrodinger

Shapes of electron orbital are determined by what equations?

Schrodinger wave equation

How did heisenberg's principle influence schrodinger to develop his wave equation?

Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, which states the limitations in simultaneously measuring a particle's position and momentum accurately, inspired Schrodinger to find a description of particles in terms of waves. This led Schrodinger to develop his wave equation, which describes the behavior of quantum particles in terms of wave functions.

Darboux transformation of non linear Schrodinger equation?

The Darboux transformation is a method used to generate new solutions of a given nonlinear Schrodinger equation by manipulating the scattering data of the original equation. It provides a way to construct exact soliton solutions from known solutions. The process involves creating a link between the spectral properties of the original equation and the transformed equation.

Can we apply schrodinger's wave equation to a particle having velocity comparable with the velocity of the light?

Schrodinger's wave equation does not accurately describe the behavior of particles with velocities comparable to the speed of light. In this case, relativistic quantum mechanics, specifically the Dirac equation, is needed to properly describe the behavior of particles moving at relativistic speeds. The Dirac equation incorporates special relativity and provides a more accurate description of such high-speed particles.

Who first wrote the electron waves equation that led to the mechanical model?

Erwin Schrodinger, a German physicist,

Who has the greatest contribution in quantum mechanics among Heisenberg and Dirac and Schrodinger?

It is difficult to say who has the greatest contribution as all three physicists, Heisenberg, Dirac, and Schrodinger, made significant contributions to the development of quantum mechanics. Heisenberg is known for his matrix mechanics, Dirac for his work on quantum electrodynamics, and Schrodinger for his wave equation. Each of their contributions played a crucial role in shaping our understanding of quantum mechanics.

What did the model of the atom proposed by Erwin Schrodinger suggest?

Erwin Schrodinger's model of the atom suggested that electrons are not particles moving in fixed orbits, but rather described as waves that exist in regions of space around the nucleus called orbitals. The behavior of electrons within these orbitals is governed by mathematical equations known as wave functions.

How do you show that a wave function is a solution to the time- independent Schrodinger equation for a simple harmonic oscillator?

You should substitute your solution in the equation. If the solution is correct you will receive equality. Otherwise your solution is wrong.