What are the dimensions of 45?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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1x45, 45x1, 3x15, 15x3, 5x9, 9x5, thos eare the dimensions for 45 if u wanted to know and probley u would if u were looking for this answer so yup even check the caluater its right

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Q: What are the dimensions of 45?
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What are the dimensions for a 45' high cube trailer?


What are the dimensions of city hall in London?

45 meters tall

What are the dimensions of a 275 gallon fuel tank?

Dimensions are 28'' wide, 45" tall, and 60" long for a 275 gallon fuel tank.

What is a rectangles dimensions if it has a area of 45 and a perimeter of 36?

It is a 3 x 15 rectangle !

What is the square footage of a lawn with the dimensions 70 feet by 45 feet?

70 feet x 45 feet = 3150 square feet.

What set of dimensions is possible for a rectangular prism with a volume of 45 cm3?

3m by 5m by 3m

When someone sells fabric saying its up to 45 inches how many inches does it have to be?

Anything from 0 inches to 45 inches would satisfy the stated dimensions.

What are the dimensions of each rectangle that can be made from 45 tiles?

1*45 3*15 5*9 and the same rectangles turned through 90 degrees.

What are the dimensions for the LG 102?

the dimensions of the lg102 are 103 times 45 times 14mm.this means that this is a good phone for on the go because it can easily fit into your shirt,sweater, and pants pocket.

How many square yards is 45 feet by 9 feet?

Multiply the two dimensions to get the area. The calculation will give you 405 square feet which converts to 45 square yards.

What is the width of a rectangle if its diagonal is 45 cm?

The dimensions are 27cm by 36 cm, solved with the help of Pythagoras' theorem

What are the dimensions of a garden that has an area of 45 sq ft and a perimeter of 36 feet?

They are: 3 ft by 15 ft