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Q: What are the effects of reduced mobility?
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What are the effects that reduced mobility have on an individual?

lost of confidence

What is an example of a sentence using the word mobility?

His handicap reduced his mobility greatly. Mobility is important in conducting military operations.

What is PRM passenger?

PRM passengers are passengers wich are with reduced mobility ( passengers reduced mobility) ; used by airports and airlines to inform about tha nature of passengers ; different from handicaped people but could be also

Mobility in terms of hall effects?

Mobility means how quickly an electron can move through a metal or semiconductor when an electric field is applied.

How does age affect speech and mobility?

As people age, their speech may be impacted by changes in vocal cords and muscle strength, leading to reduced volume, clarity, and speed in speech. In terms of mobility, age-related changes such as decreased muscle mass and bone density can result in slower movement, decreased balance, and increased risk of falls. Regular exercise and speech therapy can help mitigate these effects.

What are the complications with reduced mobility?

Complications of reduced mobility can include muscle weakness, increased risk of falls, pressure sores from prolonged sitting or lying down, decreased cardiovascular health, and reduced independence in performing activities of daily living. It can also lead to social isolation and overall decreased quality of life.

How can the effects of an oil spill be reduced?

chemicals can be sprayed from helicopters

How can the effects of AIDS be reduced?

by using condoms and not having sex.

What are three effects massage techniques have on the body?

Three effects massage techniques have on the body include increased mobility, relieves muscular stiffness and improves blood circulation

How can the effects of globalization disadvantages be reduced?

no never the USA is the best I LOVE MERICA

What are some traits of Klinefelter's syndrome?

reduced muscle mass, reduced body and facial hair, and enlarged breast tissue. The effects of Klinefelter syndrome

What are the four types of social mobility?

intergenerational mobility...structural mobility...intragenerational mobility