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Solid - Atoms in the material are compacted and usually have some sort of crystal structure.
Liquid - Atoms less compacted than in a solid, able to freely move around but still held together, mostly through intermolecular forces.

Gas - Atoms very spread out, with little interaction between individual atoms.

Plasma - A plasma is a gas that is heated to a point where one or more electrons is ripped of the nuclei of the material. Since the ionized nuclei are positive and the electrons negative, they repel each other and separate into polar regions. Plasmas therefore behave somewhat like a gas that has magnetic properties and is a good conductor of electricity.

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Q: What are the four states of matter and their properties?
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What are the properties of the 4 states of matter and whats there properties?

There are more than four states of matter. Consult an encyclopedia for details.Matter is categorized as a solid, liquid, or gas and the three major properties are the size, volume, and shape.

What the four measurable properties of matter?

Four measurable properties of matter are mass,weight,volume,and pressure.

What are the four states of matter and properties they all share?

Well the four states of matter are: Liquid, Solid, Gas and Plasma (the first 3 states are the main ones) and they all occupy space, they can all have colours and obviously they're all matter, in different forms.

What are the four basic properties of matter?

The four basic properties of matter are mass, volume, weight, and density.

Name 3 properties of matter?

There are four different properties of matter. They are weight, volume, mass and density.

What is the property of the solid?

A solid is one of the four states of matter. The properties of solids are the structural rigidity and resistance to changes of shape and/or volume.

What are some properties of matter?

Matter is defined as anything that has mass and occupies a volume. It can be in four states: Solid, Liquid, Gas, or Plasma (Like in the Stars, or the Sun). All matter is composed of atoms.

How are states of matter and physical properties the same?

States of matter and physical properties are related because physical properties are characteristics that can be used to describe the state of matter a substance is in. For example, if a substance has a fixed shape and volume, it is in a solid state of matter. The physical properties of a substance determine how it behaves in different states of matter.

In how many physical states does matter exist on earth?

Matter on Earth exists in four physical states: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. Each state has distinct properties based on the arrangement and energy of the particles that make up the matter.

What are he four states of matter?

The four states of matter have traditionally been gas, liquid, solid, and plasma.

What state of matter is an atom?

States of matter are bulk properties. A single atom does not have any bulk properties, so it has no defined state of matter.

What are the two examples for each of the four states of matter?

state two examples for each of the four states of matter