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Q: What are the names of all the shapes you can make with a pyramid?
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What are the names of all 3D pyramid shapes?

chaep jsgslud dsfggdtfr hjdynd

What do all shapes have in common?

a pyramid

Names and picture of all 3d shapes?

There are infinitely many pyramid shapes, and infinitely many prisms, and dipyramids, and, ...I am not foolish enough to even try and name or provide pictures!

Are hexagonal shapes strong?

They are. For all the material the use, you could make a really strong triangular pyramid.

What are the names and picture of all of the 2d shapes?

There are infinitely many shapes and not all of them have names.

All the 3d names shapes?

Cube Cuboid Trigular prism square based pyramid cone hemisphere sphere

What are all the 3d shapes?

There are many 3-D shapes (including ones that don't have names). Here are the commonly known 3-D shapes in general: -hemisphere -cube -cuboid -tetrahedron -cylinder -octahedron -cone -prism -sphere -pyramid -dodecahedron

What is the surface area of a pyramid with lengths of 11?

Pyramids come in different shapes. It all depends on the shape of your pyramid.

What is all the names of 3d shapes with photos?

There are infinitely many 3d shapes and many of them do not have specific names.

Name all the shapes?

As there are an infinite number of shapes, it is impossible to list the names of them all.

How many shapes are in a pentagonal pyramid?

Two: a pentagonal base and 5 triangular faces. The triangles need not all be the same and if you count them as different shapes, there will be six shapes in all.

What are two 3d shapes that have all congruent faces?

triangular pyramid and cube.