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A 3 or 4 digit number.

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Q: What are the products of multiplying 2 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers?
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How is multiplying by a 3 digit numbers similar to multiplying by a 2 digit number?


Why is multiplying a 2 digit number so important?

Multiplication in general is important; not just 2-digit numbers.

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Give examples to support your answer for How many digits can the product of two 2- digit numbers have?

The answer is 4. You get the answer by trying the example of the largest two digit number, 99. 99 x 99 = 9801. This has four digits, so you can't get more digits than this by multiplying two two digit numbers. * * * * * True, but you CAN have fewer: 10*10 = 100, which is only three digits! 1490 of the 8100 2 digit x 2 digit multiples have products of 3 digits, the rest have 4 digit products.

How do you multiply 3 digit numbers with 2 digit numbers?

If multiplying 3 digit numbers with 2 digit numbers. For example; 345 x 92= First you will start with 2 by multiplying it by 5 then carry the 1 above the 4 then multiply the "2" with 4 then add the number on-top of the 4 which is 1 and it will give you 9. 4 x 2= 8+1=9. Then times the 2 by 3 which is 6. That is not your answer, yet. 690 plus the amount you get by multiplying 9 by every number, 5 then carry the number, 4 times 9, plus the number above it, then carry the 3 on top of the 3. Then add your total to 690 or what ever your equation is.

What is the greatest product that you can get by multiplying a 3-digit number by a 2-digit number?


What is the greatest possible product of multiplying a 2-digit number and a 4-digit number?


What is the ones digit in the product of all the prime numbers less than 2012?

The ones digit in the product from multiplying the 305 prime numbers less than 2012 is 0 because the ones digit becomes 0 after 2 and 5 have been multiplied and remains unchanged after more prime numbers are multiplied.

How many 3 digit numbers can you make using the numbers 4 6 7 and 9 only using them once in every number?

You have 4 options for the first digit, 3 for the second, 2 for the third. Multiplying all this you get 4 x 3 x 2 = 24 options.

6 digit combination from 1 to 42?

There are 28706 such combinations. 5456 of these comprise three 2-digit numbers, 19008 comprise two 2-digit numbers and two 1-digit numbers, 4158 comprise one 2-digit number and four 1-digit numbers and 84 comprise six 1-digit numbers.