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It has 4 sides

It has 4 interior angles that add up to 360 degrees

It has 2 diagonals

It has a perimeter which is the sum of its 4 sides

Its shapes are: square, rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, kite ..... etc

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Q: What are the properties of a quadrilateral?
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What are the properties of a quadrilateral triangle?

There is no such thing.

What is the name of a shape with four sides?

it depends on the other diffrent properties of the shape * * * * * A quadrilateral. If you have more information about the properties of the shape, there may be a more precise name, but a quadrilateral is the general name.

What are the properties of a cyclic quadrilateral?

A cyclic quadrilateral is one that has concyclic vertices (its corners all fit on the same circle) and, for a simple cyclic quadrilateral, opposite angles are supplementary.

Properties of a rectangle?

The essential properties are that a rectangle is a quadrilateral whose sides met at right angles. There are many other properties but all of them follow from this.

A rectangle has all the properties of a quadrilateral?

A rectangle is a special kind of quadrilateral that has four right angles and opposite sides that are equal and parallel.

What are the properties of all the quadrilateral shapes?

All quadrilateral shapes are polygons with four sides. The sum of the interior angle of the quadrilateral always add up to three hundred and sixty degrees.

2 properties which a kite and a rhombus both have?

similar properties between rhombus and kite are : 1. consecutive sides are equal in both quadrilateral. 2. diagonals of both quadrilateral meet perpendicularly to each other.

What properties does a irregular quadrilateral have?

An irregular quadrilateral has four sides, but they can be of any length and contain any angle. An irregular quadrilateral is a four-sided polygon that is not defined as a square, rectangle, trapezoid, parallelogram, rhombus, or kite.

What are the two properties of a quadrilateral?

They all have 4 sides or edges and 4 vertices or corners.

What similar properties do a rectangle and a square have?

parallel sides, four right angles, quadrilateral

Can a rhombus be irregular?

Not normally because an irregular 4 sided quadrilateral has different properties

What are the properties of quadrilateral?

A quadrilateral is any plane figure bounded by four straight lines. If a line is drawn from one corner to the opposite corner of a quadrilateral then it is divides the quadrilateral into two triangles. As the sum of the angles of a triangle is 180° then the sum of the internal angles of a quadrilateral total 360°. Special forms of a quadrilateral are :- Parallelogram, Rhombus. Rectangle, Square, Trapezoid / Trapezium and Kite.