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Basically some basic US history and politics questions.

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Q: What are the questions on the test to become a US citizen?
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How do you become a citizen in us?

if your not from this country then you have to take a test, so you can become a citizen

What countries do you take test to become a citizen?

Australia, US

What are ways to become a US citizen?

Born in the United States with/without parents citizens, become a citizen through taking classes and the citizenship test, serve in the US military.

How can you become a us citizen if you are an immigrant?

you would have to apply for a citizen ship. which requires a citizenship test and a lot of other aspects

How does an individual become a citizen of the US?

one must apply for citizenship and take a test

Do you become a legal citizen on the day of the test?

You probably only get a written notice that you have passed the citizenship test. The day that you swear in front of a judge and receive an official certificate is the day you officially become a citizen in the US. =============================

How do people in Puerto Rico travel in this country?

You have to take a test and if you passed it you can become a us citizen

How can you become a citizen if you have been married for two years to a US citizen and have three children?

contact youre state department and take a test

What test do you take to become a US citizen?

You have to take the United States Citizenship test. The test is given by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Do children have to take the test to become an American citizen if the child was not born in the US?

Yes, once you are a certain age, in order to be living in the U.S.A, you have to take the test to be considered a American Citizen.

What are the three steps 2 steps you have to do to become a us citizen?

take a test and an oath aka naturalization

Green card but married a us citizen do you become a us citizen?

No. You do not become a US citizen by marrying one. That is for you to earn by your own abilities!