What are the rules in rounding?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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When rounding to a specific place, take a look at the digit immediately to the right of the target. If that digit is 4 or less, zero everything to the right of the target out. If that digit is 5 through 9, increase the target by one and zero everything to the right of it out. If the target is a 9, increasing it will turn it to zero and increase the digit to the left of the target by one.

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Q: What are the rules in rounding?
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What are the rules for rounding decimals?

Round to the nearest decimal

Why is rounding num bers easy?

Rounding numbers is easy because their are two rules to rounding numbers. 1) a </= 4 then a = 0 2) a >/= 5 then a = 10

What is 21.74856317 rounded to the nearest thousandth?


Rules in rounding fraction numbers?

Add your whole numbers

Can 40.43 round up to 41 dollars?

Only if you are rounding up to the nearest dollar. Normal rounding rules would make it 40.

12.65kg what is the nearest to kilo?

Using rounding rules, 13 is the nearest kilo.

Does 50 round to 100 or 0?

That depends on the rounding rules used.

How should numbers in questions and answers be rounded on WikiAnswers?

There are no set rules about rounding numbers, so when rounding numbers, mathematical rules about rounding can be used. For example, 14 would be rounded to 10, but 15 would be rounded to 20. For another example, 1144 is rounded to 1140 and 1145 is rounded to 1150.

rounding rules?

5 or more round up

What are the rules rounding to the nearest million?

See related link below for a good explanation

What is the closest 10 to 35?

Using the standard rules for rounding, 35 will be rounded to 40 as the nearest 10.

How do you round 2570278 to the nearest hundred thousand?

When you round numbers you need to remember the rounding rules. If a number is 5 or above you round up. It a number is 4 or below you round down.So:2,570,2782,570,2802,570,3002,570,0002,570,0002,600,000