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0.01 and 100 are the only ten squared numbers.

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Q: What are the ten squared numbers?
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Is ten to the third power the same as ten squared?

No. Ten to the 3rd power is 1000, while ten squared is 100.

Explain how to translate the phrase into an algebraic expression. a number squared decreased by ten?

Sample Response: Replace keywords with variables, numbers, and operations. β€œA number squared” is a power where the base is the variable and the exponent is 2. β€œDecreased by ten” means you must subtract 10 from the squared number.

What does 2.4 plus ten squared plus ten squared equal?

It is: 2.4+100+100 = 202.4

How many perfect square numbers are there from 1-100?


What could be the possible 'one's'digits of square root of 99856?

When you square a number, the final digit is the final digit of the 'one's' number squared. Since the only single digit numbers squared which ends in 6 are 4 and 6, the answer is either 4 or 6 (a calculator tells me it is 6) 0 squared is 0. All numbers ending in 0 when squared will end in 0. 1 squared is 1. All numbers ending in 1 when squared will also end in 1. 2 squared is 4. All numbers ending in 2 when squared will end in 4. 3 squared is 9. All numbers ending in 3 when squared will end in 9. 4 squared is 16. All numbers ending in 4 when squared will end in 6. 5 squared is 25. All numbers ending in 5 when squared will end in 5. 6 squared is 36. All numbers ending in 6 when squared will end in 6. 7 squared is 49. All numbers ending in 7 when squared will end in 9. 8 squared is 64. All numbers ending in 8 when squared will end in 4. 9 squared is 81. All numbers ending in 9 when squared will end in 1. So square numbers can only end with 0, 1, 4, 5, 6 or 9.

What is ten squared?

102 = 100

What is a squared number?

a square numbers are numbers that can be timeds by them self's. eg 2*2,4=2 squared

What are all the squared numbers to 15 squared?


When you subtract 2 squared numbers the answer is 9 what is the 2 squared numbers?

25 & 16. 52 - 42 = 32

Where does the negative sign go in imaginary numbers?

The basic theory of imaginary numbers is that because (-) numbers squared are the same as (+) numbers squared there is not a correct continueos line on a graph.

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