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Q: What are the theories in mathematics?
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What are 2 ways the Greeks contributed to mathematics?

Theories, Geometry

How does one postulate in mathematics?

Postulating in mathematics is simply stating stating or assuming something, usually an equation, to be true without having to prove it. This aids in the development of new mathematical theories. Commonly used postulates are Einsteins theories and his laws of the physics.

Why is Pythagoras important to mathematics?

AnswerIn part , because his mathematical theories and formulaes are still in use today.

Did Albert Einstein create math?

No. The field of mathematics pre-dates Einstein by at least 2000 years but he did use some very advanced mathematics to develop and quantify his theories.

What make studying the universe a difficlt task?

The most difficult part about understanding the Universe is actually finding out the information through complicated mathematics. All the discoveries ever made were through the use of theories, evidence and a set of complex mathematics which proved the theories and evidence. Without the mathematic equations, theories can't be proved, and hence understanding the universe becomes impossible.

What else did Albert Eisenstein study besides mathematics?

Physics. He became best known for his physics theories and papers in Physics.

Is algebra in detective work?

Detectives have to prove their theories. Mathematics is one method of proving their case. Numbers don't lie.

Name a class that most students take in college but not high school?

Philosophy Advanced Mathematics Teaching Theories Abnormal Psych

What has the author Hisashi Tanizaki written?

Hisashi Tanizaki has written: 'Nonlinear filters' -- subject(s): Nonlinear theories, Filters (Mathematics)

Who theorized the triangle?

No one. A triangle is not a theory. The mathematics of a triangle are not theories they are facts. Some people that showed this to be so are Pythagoras and Euclid.

What has the author Demetrios Christodoulou written?

Demetrios Christodoulou has written: 'The Formation of Shocks in 3-Dimensional Fluids (EMS Monographs in Mathematics) (EMS Monographs in Mathematics)' 'The global nonlinear stability of the Minkowski space' -- subject(s): Mathematics, Nonlinear theories, Space and time, Generalized spaces

What is contemporary math?

Every discipline of mathematics has contemporary problems and theories being worked on. Some examples of the more popular mathematics topics being worked on now are Lie algebras, knot theory, and game theory.