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"The two" equivalent fractions is incorrect - there are infinitely many equivalent fractions, not just two.

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Q: What are the two equivalents fraction for 6over16?
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How do you find number of equivalents?

There are an infinite number of equivalents for any fraction.

How do you do fraction equivalents?

by dividing both numerator and denominator

What are two equivalents fraction for 18 over 21?

18/21 = 6/7 = 12/14

What are the decimal and fraction equivalents of 47 percent?

0.47 and 47/100

How would you write 60 in a fraction?

60 is an integer and not a proper rational fraction. However, it can be expressed as a fraction in the form 60/1, or its equivalents.

What are two decimal equivalents to 0.9?

0.90 and 0.900 are two decimal equivalents to 0.9.

What are all the decimal and fraction and percent equivalents?

There are infinitely many of them. It is not possible to provide an answer.

What fraction equivalent to 8 over 15?

To get the fraction equivalents of 8/15:Multiply 8/15 by 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 5/5,...Fraction equivalents of 8/15= 16/30, 24/45, 32/60, 40/75,...

What are 2 fraction equivalents of 0.4?

40 over 100 and 4 over 10.

What is an equivalent fraction for five sixes?

Possible equivalents are 50/60 or 505/606.

What fraction is equivalent to 4 over 9?

4/9 = 0.44... Other fraction equivalents would be: 8/18; 12/27

What is the decimal and fraction equivalents of 540 percent?

540% = 5.40 or 27⁄5 = 52⁄5