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Q: What are the two horizantal lines on a globe called?
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What are two names for the lines that run east to west on a globe?

Two names for the lines that run east to west on a globe are equator and latitude lines.

What kind of symmerty does a rectange have?

A rectangle has two lines of symmetry, one vertical in the center, and one horizantal in the center

What is the name of the two sets of imaginary lines on the globe?

-- Most of the imaginary lines on the surface are parallels of latitude, meridians of longitude, political boundaries, and shipping routes. -- The imaginary lines through the center of the globe are the axis and diameters.

Parts of the globe?

There are two different types of lines: lines of latitude and lines of longitude (also called meridians). The lines of latitude go around the globe horizontally. The center line is the Equator. Lines of longitude go around the globe vertically. The center one is called the Prime Meridian. These different lines together form a grid on a globe that's used to find locations of Earth's surface. The Equator and the Prime Meridian also divide the Earth into Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western hemispheres.

What two lines on the globe are below the center?

Tropic of Capricorn and Antarctic Circle

Why are the lines of latitude also called pararel?

Because no two of them ever touch or cross each other, and any two of them are always the same distance apart everywhere around the globe ... much like parallel lines on a flat surface.

What are two coplanar lines that never intersect called?

Two coplanar lines that never intersect are called called parallel lines.

What are two lines called running east and west around earth?

Are you referring to lines of latitude? First, there are no actual "lines" on the surface of the Earth; the lines are virtual, in that they don't really exist. Second, we can create as many different lines of latitude as we want. We usually measure them in segments called "minutes" of latitude, but we can subdivide these as finely as we like. From the equator, there are 90 degrees north and 90 degrees south; each degree is subdivided into 60 minutes. On a globe, the lines of latitude are generally printed each 10 or 15 degrees, but that depends on the scale of the globe.

Is there any magnetism observed in the space between two magnetic lines of force?

Yes, just as sure as there are measurements between two lines on a ruler, and latitudes between two parallels on a globe.

What are the two halves of the globe called?

usually they are called northern and southern hemispheres

What are two non perpendicular but intersecting lines called?

Non interesting lines are called lines

What is the space between two lines of latitude called?

There is no standard set of "lines". They may be printed at different intervals on different maps and globes. We have no way of knowing what the interval is on the map or globe that you're looking at, and it may be different on the next one you see.