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Q: What are the ways of collocation?
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What is a company that rents space and telecommunications equipment from another company or a collocation vendor called?

I have it as collocation.

What is a collocation service responsible for?

Collocation refers to the way words occur together in normal speech, and a collocation service helps to identify things that would be helpful for things like brochures and fliers that are widely distributed. Well, a collocation service basically refers to a company that is assisting with a company's IT setup.

What is collocation different from thesaurus?

Collocation refers to words that often appear together due to natural language patterns, while a thesaurus provides synonyms for a particular word. Collocation focuses on how words combine in context, while a thesaurus provides alternate words with similar meanings.

Is soda a collocations?

give me some example of collocation

How does the collocation services work?

The service known as collocation works by renting space, power, cooling and maintenance to companies for them to store their servers to reduce the workload for their own computer technicians.

Word collocation involves?

Writing a sentence with a vocabulary word in it

What is the definition of a Collocation Data Center?

A Collocation Data Center is a type of data center where equipment space and bandwidth are available for rental to retail customers. It provides space and cooling for the server.

Using a vocabulary word in a sentence is part of the process of?

word collocation

What are the kinds of collocation?

this are the examples of collocation........... they are 5 kinds: 1.objective+noun 2.adverb+objective 3.verb+adverb 4.verb+noun 5.noun+noun by:sapphirianx12 ng pequeno ,davao

The first step in doing word collocation is to?

brainstorm about words that go with a vocabulary word.

What is collocation?

A collocation is a set of two words or more having a specific lexical meaning. For example: - Strong tea - Harry Potter - The Dead Sea - Make peace - Knock on a door - Ticktacktoe - Hodgepodge

What has the author Yichun Ding written?

Yichun Ding has written: 'A study of collocation finite elements'