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Q: What are told to do in the fifth comanment?
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Who told the European countries to stay out of the Americas?

The Monroe Doctrine from President Monroe, the fifth president of the US.

What was jesus' s fifth prayer?

Jesus was praying all the time as he told us to do too. - (See 1 Thessalonians 5.i7) So no one can say anything about Jesus's fifth prayer.

What is the password for the fifth year in Harry Potter?

Mimbulus MimbletoniaA.K.A Neville Longbottom's plant thingie (told on Hogwarts Express)

What is the best Harry Potter film?

I would have to say the fourth or fifth. I enjoyed the sixth but I'm told that "It is boring and nothing happens".

When will the fifth book of the series seekers come out?

The book will come out when Stephine is ready to finish writing and proparing it for all to veiw and that is all that has been told

What are we told to do in the fifth commandment?

The 5th Commandment "Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you" Exodus 20:12

When will the Jonas Brothers release their fifth studio album and what is the title?

The Jonas brothers release their 5th album at the end of 2012. The date is not confirmed. The title has not been told

What is calll of duty. I was told it is the fourth or fifth Pokemon game by my friend Kevin Davids?

Call of Duty is a first/third-person shooter series. It has no relation to Pokemon.

Why should you do if you told your friend you like her she said she doesn't like you but you are still in love with her in fifth grade?

you're in 5th grade. You don't know what love IS. Just, forget about it.

What are the mountains in Greenland in like?

well i remember that my fifth grade teacher told me that iceland is not icy but greenland is so i can only imagind beautiful snowy hills and valleys

What is the fifth book in Warriors Omen of the Stars called?

so far Erin hunter hasn't told us the names except fading echos(the second one) and night whispers (the third one) -It's said the fifth book will be called "The Forgotten Warrior."~jsamm3333~

I like a boy in fifth grade but i told him i don't was that the right thing?

if he asks you it means that he probably likes you should come clean and tell him you lied and you really do like him.