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14/22, 21/33

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Q: What are two equivalent fraction seven elevenths?
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What are two fractions that are equivilent to seven elevenths?

70/110 and 707/1111 are two equivalent fractions.

What fraction is equivalent to two elevenths?

Some examples are 20/110, 200/1100, 200000000/1100000000

What is seven elevenths divided by two?


What fraction is equivalent to two and seven tenths?


What are two equivalent fractions to two elevenths?

4/22, 8/44, 16/88.

What are two fraction equivalent to seven sixteenths?

14/32, 21/48

What is ten elevenths minus eight elevenths?

two elevenths

Equivalent fraction of seven eighths?

42 ___64forty two over sixty four =7____=seven eighths8

What is seven thirteenths minus two forty-sevenths?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 7/13 - 2/47 = 303/611 or three hundred and three six-hundred and elevenths.

Is two sevenths smaller than two elevenths?

two elevenths is smaller

What is five elevenths plus two twenty two's equal?

six elevenths

Which is bigger two ninths or three elevenths?

Three elevenths.