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Well, you could say 4 decades, or 2 score year, or a bit over 3 dozen years.

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Q: What are two ways you can say a time period of 40 years?
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Which Judge ruled the longest in Israel?

A:The longest unambiguously attested period of rule by a judge is forty years, the period that Othniel, Deborah, Gideon and Eli each ruled. There were 80 years of peace after the time of Ehud, but he is not attested as ruling for this period of time. Jo Ann Hackett (The Oxford History of the Biblical World, "There Was No King in Israel": The Era of the Judges) points out that the number of years of peace brought about by each of the major judges, or the number of years of their ruling, is a multiple of 20. In other words, these periods were assigned because they were easy for the tradents to remember when they recited the traditions of the Judges and passed them down orally to the next generation. We can not really say that the judges recorded in the Book of Judges all existed, or that they ruled in the same sequence as reported or for the number of years described.

How do you say i want you in so many ways?

You say, 'I want you in so many ways".

How many ways are there to say?

There are 8 ways in the English language.

Were there 400 years between writing the Old Testament and the New Testament?

Opinion The 400 years period is the approximate period of silence between the time of Malachi (circa 430 BCE) and the New Testament period. In Malachi 3:1, it is written that a messenger will prepare the way, which according to Christian tradition is John the Baptist as described in the New Testament. The time period between Malachi and John the Baptist is roughly 400 years.

When d-t graph is parallel to time axis what can you say about the motion?

For that period of time, d(t) (the distance) is not changing so the motion is zero velocity.

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What time period is five years?

It's just five years, but you could say "Half a decade" if you want to be fancy.

What is tail period in project finance?

In project finance, you have the construction period and the operating period. Let's say your project needs 5 years of construction and can then be operated for 25 years. The debt associated to the construction is planned to be amortized in, let's say, 15 years. The tail period is the time difference between the end of planned debt amortization and the end of the operating period. For a bank, the longer the tail period the better. If the project cash flow is not enough to support the amortization in time, the bank has 10 years of tail period to have the debt amortized.

Another way to say a period of time?

in another space of time

What was the time period of the thirteenth tale by Diane Setterfield?

is it just me or did you say you got your period

What is a good definition for climate to help children?

Climate is the weather conditions prevailing in a large area for a longer period of time say 20 or 30 years.

Is it accurate to say that Shakespeare lived during the romantic period?

No. The romantic period happened about 200 years after Shakespeare.

What is the period spent in goal called?

it's called a "sentence". they judge will say that your sentence will be a period of .. months/years

What happened to industrial production from 1929 to 1932?

In the United States the years from 1929 to 1932 were the beginning years of the Great Depression. During those years, some say the depression was at its worst. Industrial production plummeted in that period of time.

What time period did slavery occur?

never say never.

What is Cleopatra's time period?

I would say it is about in the 1000's B.C.

How long did the romantic period go on for?

I'd say between 80 and 100 years.

How do you say a wonderful time in french?

un moment merveilleux (for a short period)une époque merveilleuse (for a long period of time)