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Some schools offer one-on-one peer tutoring through an academic honor society, also some teachers give one-on-one tutoring. Also some undergraduates offer math majors or one-on-one tutoring in their freetime. In addition there are lots of online resources where problem sets with the corresponding answers can be found.

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Q: What can a parent do to get their high school student help with algebra homework?
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It means that the student can not be allowed without the presence of the parent.

What will homework do to seventh grader?

Homework can instill responsibility in a student in seventh grade (or any grade) or it can lead to the student being irreresponsible. It depends on whether the student actually does the homework or not. It also is an extention of what the teacher teaches at school. Doing homework helps students to learn what they are being taught.

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Yes, college has homework. The amount of homework that a student will have, however, depends on the major of the student. The style of homework may be different from what you were used to in high school. Most homework may just be writing papers and studying for exams. Again, the type of homework you receive will depend on your major.

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Homework is beneficial to all students. It helps the student to consolidate the learning and information that the learned at school to come home and work on additional problems. Without this period of practice at home, much of what a student learnt would be lost within a few days.

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It is important for a social life which everyone should have. In my school we use edmodo, all you need is your teacher to make a page the student subscribes. The teacher can post homework and the student can post document /homework to her page. Hope this answered your question helpfully.

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You can ask teachers, a parent, an older sibling, or maybe even one of your friends. Click on the Related Questions for even more homework help!

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