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Any letter - in any language.

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Q: What capital letter resembles a point in geometry?
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What is a point in mathematical term?

On my multiple choice geometry quiz, a point is defined as: "It has no size, width, or height. It is represented by a dot and named by a capital letter."

What is point at geometry?

A point is one of basic terms in geometry,it just specifies an exact location, we identify this point with a number or letter. example : .A .B .C .Y

In geometry what is a point?

A point in geometry shows you where the line segment ends/startsEx) A._____.B Or ._____>BA point is where two lines cross. More than two can cross but that is of no consequence. The two lines might be the coordinate lines on a graph which define the point.A point is a vertex

Point in geometry give 5 examples?

A point in geometry is defined as any exact location on a plane. It has no size, even if it is represented on a graph by a dot. A point has no measurement - it is just one specific place, and it is usually named with a capital letter. So 5 examples on any graph could include A, B, C, D, and E as points.

What is point in geometry?

A point is a vertex

What is the term of geometry for Point lines and planes?

Point, line and plane ARE terms from geometry.

What is named by a lowercase letter?

Is a point is named by a lowercase letter? I don't think so. A point is labeled by capital letters.

What does the point represent?

the point is represent location , it has no dimension and it is named using capital letter\s .

Has no dimension represented by a dot labeled with one capital letter?

A point.

When can An angle be named with one capital letter?

An angle can be named with one capital letter when the point represented by the letter is at the vertex (the endpoint of the two rays, lines, etc.)

What are the 3 unedifying terms in geometry geometry?

Point ; Line ; Plane - Remember the Point-Line-Plane Postulate

Which is a simplest figure in geometry?

A point.

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