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Greenwich England

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Q: What city does 0 longitude pass through?
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What two continents pass through prime meridian at 0 longitude?

Africa and Europe pass through the prime meridian at 0 longitude.

What is the line of longitude which pass through greenwich England?

The prime meridian. 0 degrees

What 3 European countries does 0 degrees longitude pass through?

The 0 degrees longitude passes through the United Kingdom, France, and Spain in Europe.

Which two continent the primaridian pass through?

The Prime Meridian passes through Europe and Africa. It serves as the starting point for measuring longitude and is defined as 0 degrees longitude.

What Major City In Great Britain Does The Prime Meridian Pass Through?

The Prime Meridian passes through Greenwich, a major city in London, Great Britain. This imaginary line marks 0 degrees longitude and is a significant point for navigation and timekeeping.

Does the 0 longitude pass through the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean?

what is the name of the ocean which borders north and south america

Which European city does the prime Meridian pass?

The prime meridian passes through Greenwich, a district in London, United Kingdom. It is internationally recognized as the location of 0 degrees longitude.

What city do the lines of longitude start?

The Meridian Line (0° longitude) goes through the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, neat London, England.

What large city has a longitude of 0 degrees E?

London, UK has a longitude of 0 degrees E. This longitude line is known as the Prime Meridian and it runs through the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London.

Dose the Prime meridian pass through the Arctic Circle or the Antarctic Circle?

Yes. It crosses both of them, at 0 degrees longitude.

What city is 52 north latitude 0 longitude?

The city at 52° north latitude and 0° longitude is London, the capital city of the United Kingdom.

Do any lines of longitude go through the equator?

Longitude lines appear "vertical" and latitude lines appear "horizontal." Every single line of longitude passes through the equator. If you meant to say latitude, then the answer is no. Not a single one (they run parallel).