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Q: What comes first the y or x in the coordinate plane?
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What informaton tells you about x-axis?

X axis is horizontal(right to left) and comes first when graphing on a coordinate plane

What comes 1st and what comes 2nd on the items that you put on the coordinate plane?

Item on coordinate plane are expressed (x, y),where the number for x is the horizontal coordinateand the number for y is the vertical coordinate

How do you name coordinate plane?

Its other name is the Cartesian plane and it was the French mathematician Rene Descartes who first conceived of the idea of x and y axes on the coordinate plane

On a coordinate grid, does X or Y come first?

on a coordinate grid, X always comes before Y

Where the x and y axis cross in a coordinate plane?

The x and y axis cross at (0,0) on the coordinate plane.

What is the section of the coordinate plane where all the x's and y's are positive?

The first section.

The x and y axis separate the coordinate plane into?

The x and y axes separate the coordinate plane into 4 quadrants.

Why do the planets in your solar system have the same x-coordinate in a 3d coordinate system?

All the planets stay approximately in one plane - the plane of the ecliptic. So if you have the x-coordinate normal to that plane their x-coordinates will stay small. It is more usual to have the z-coordinate normal to the plane.

What is the abscissa of a point on the x-axis?

The 'abscissa' is the x coordinate on the Cartesian plane and the 'ordinate' is the y coordinate on the Cartesian plane

What is the plane containing x and y axis?

Coordinate Plane

What is x-coordinate in math?

The x-coordinate is the horizontal part of what is known as the cartesian plane, which is the 2D representation of dimensioning. This is a cartesian plane: /\ <------------- that's an arrow, which means it extends indefinitely. | | | <-----------|----------> X ( this is the x coordinate, the horizontal part of the cartesian plane) | | | V Y (This is the y coordinate, the vertical part) jhj

When plotting in math is it the x axis first or the y axis?

The x-coordinate comes first in an ordered pair.