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Q: What country does the Hindu kush cover most of?
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The Hindu Kush Mountains cover most of what country?

The Hindu Kush Mountains cover most of Afghanistan.

What mountain range covers most of Afghanistan?

The Hindu Kush Mountains are on the border.

The Hindu Kush cover most of what?

The Hindu Kush mountain range covers parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. It stretches over 500 miles and is known for its rugged terrain and high peaks, including the famous Tirich Mir.

Describe the African hingdom of kush?

kush was one of the most hated country because of their Sahara desert that is how you describe kush

What is the water source for afghanistan?

Most of afghanistan's water comes from the Hindu Kush Mountains. Rain in the mountains and melted water from glaciers feed most of the country's rivers and streams. -"AFGHANISTAN the Land" A Bobby Kalman Book

What landform makes up most of Afghanistan?

Landlocked Afghanistan is mostly covered with the rugged peaks of the Hindu Kush mountain range.

Which country has the most Hindu people?


How did the kingdom of kush collapse?

Kush had defeated the most powerful empire in the world. The kingdom of kush survived for more than 400 years and then in the year 350 B.C.E., Kush fell to invaders from the African Country of Ethiopia

What did the Hindu kush people eat and grow?

they used to grow wheat,barley,cuccumbers and more. they ate all of them but the most popular was the tangerine.

Which continent has the most mountains?

Asia has the most mountains, including the highest peak Mount Everest. Other mountain ranges in Asia include the Himalayas, the Karakoram, and the Hindu Kush.

What is a country that has the most people practicing Hinduism?

Nepal, its the one and only Hindu Country.

Is India a flat land country or a mountainous country?

Most of India is flat, but the northwestern part of the country is in the Himalayas; the highest range of mountains in the world. The northeastern part of India is in the Hindu Kush mountains, and they are also rather tall and rugged. Otherwise, India is pretty much flat land.