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Q: What describes a flat object that has only length and width?
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How are the units of length area and volume different?

Length relates to the distance between two points. Area is the width of a flat object multiplied by its height. Volume is the width times the height times the length of a 3-dimensional object.

How to calculate surface area of flat bar?

If the bar is a three dimensional object it will have some thickness. Then, assuming it is oblong in shape and knowing its length, width and thickness: Surface_area = 2 x (length x width + width x thickness + thickness x length)

What is it called that is described as a flat surface with an infinite length and width but no depth?

A flat surface with an infinite length and width but no depth is called a plane.

What is a flat 2d surface?

A surface that has length and width.

What are two-dimensional objects?

A two-dimensional object is an object that can be drawn on a flat sheet of paper. It's called "two-dimensional" because it has 2 dimensions . . . length and width, but no height.

How do you find the aria of things?

first of all its AREA, and you can find it several ways all depending on what the shape of the object is, but for anything that is some sort of rectangle, and flat, it is Length x Width, and for any rectangle that is 3D, Length x Width x Height

What is a flat surface that has infinite length and width but no thickness or height?

A plane

In flatland the square is described as what?

I will assume flatland describes the ficticious two dimensional (2D) world. In our world spacial dimensions are three dimensional (3D), meaning length, width, and depth (or height). In 3D, we see a square as a flat object with length and width. In 3D we see boxes or retangulars as having length, width, and depth. Flatlanders cannot visualize 3D just like we cannot visualize 4D. In flatland everything is 2D, so a square may be called a retangular (or box, or cube, etc...)

What are the relations between 2D 3D and 4D?

2D is flat, determined by a length and a width. 3D is determined by having a length, width, and height. 4D is determined by having a length, a width, a height, and a dimension in time.

What is 3g and 3d?

2d is a flat shape with only 2 dimentions (width & length) 3d is a shape with 3 dimensions (width, length and depth)

What has length and width and is flat?

A plane shape, also known as a 2-dimensional shape.

How do you find the square footage of a flat surface?

Length x width = square footage