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Q: What device work with discrete numbers?
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What do you call a device that is not installed directly on the motherboard?

A discrete device/component is not installed directly on the motherboard. See Discrete Graphics Card.

What device works with discrete data or digits?


What device works with discrete data or digits such as 1s and 0s?

Any digital device - as opposed to an analogue device.

Are rational numbers continuous or discrete?

They are continuous.

What does digital device mean?

The definition of a digital device is an electronic device that processes its operations using individual distinct and separate digits and numbers. Digital devices can send, receive, process and store digital information.

How many numbers are between 1 and 2?

0 discrete numbers , infanite contimuous numbers

Can a discrete variable be measured?

Yes, using whole numbers.

How do discrete and continuous data relate to quantitative data?

discrete data can only be whole numbers whereas continuous can be fractions decimals don't necessary have to be counting numbers as we know them. 1,2,3...

What does discrete mean?

When used in the context of math, discrete refers to values where there is space on the number line between any two values. For example, the possible sums of the numbers of two dice are discrete. Temperature is not discrete. I believe that when using the term discrete that the numbers on a graph/ Row have to be redivided if possible Discrete means individually recognizable and countable, distinct and separate from the similar items, finite and non-continuous.

Is hair color a discrete or continuous variable?

It is continuous, since there are unlimited numbers of shades between blonde, red, brown, and black.

Are negative numbers discrete random variables?

Discrete variables must be countable and not negative. So no a negative number must be a continuous variable.

What does discrete function mean?

Discrete Function - A function that is defined only for a set of numbers that can be listed, such as the set of whole numbers or the set of integers. Explicit Definition - A definition of a function by a formula in terms of the variable.