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Q: What did sir Isacc newon do for math?
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What is the timeline of Isacc Newton?

Isaac Newon lived from 1643 to 1727 in the age of 84.

Is Isacc a rear name?

isaac isn't a rear name because isaac newon is called that

Was sir Isacc newton a rebel?

he was

Was Sir Isacc Newton vegeterian?

Yes he was.

How did sir Isacc newton did?

Sir Isaac Newton did write the laws of motion.

What was Sir Isacc Newton's importan work in math?

Newton developed many of the important ideas in calculus. He published this work in the Principia, which was published in 3 volumes and covered a lot of topics in physics in addition to the math.

Where did sir Isacc brock born?

Sir Isaac Brock was Born in Wellington Dyke...

Who invented ratios?

Sir Isacc Newton!

Who was a wife of Sir Isacc Newton?

jeseica stren newton

Is unit dyne named after a scientist?

Sir isacc newton

How did sir Isacc newton get his name?

He was named after his dad so he is sort of sir isaac newton the second

Who were sir Isacc brock's siblings?

He Had 1 Brother Named ISHMAEL