What dimension is a ray?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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A ray is 1-dimensional.

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Q: What dimension is a ray?
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What does AP dimension mean on an x-ray?

The AP dimension on an x-ray refers to the Anteroposterior dimension, which measures the distance from the front to the back of the body or structure being imaged. It provides information about the size and position of internal organs or bones.

Is there one dimensional?

Yes. A line segment has one dimension. There are lots of one-dimension shapes. like a ray, line segment and line.

What geometric object occupy one dimension Line Plane Ray Triangle Segment Point?

Line, Ray and segment

Is a ray a zero or two dementintional?

A ray is the beam of light from a distant object. The word is related to the Latin word radius. It has one dimension, length, from a start point to a finish point.

What is the difference between a driving and driven dimension?

Driving Dimension: the geometry is controlled by the dimension. Driven Dimension: the dimension is controlled by the geometry.

What is the dimension of strain?

it has no dimension

What is meant by over-dimension a sketch?

For putting to many dimension on top of the dimension!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A sentence for dimension?

THere was a dimension in my classroom

What is dimension properties of melody?


What is the dimension of time?

The fourth dimension.

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The word "dimension" in Tagalog language is "dimensyon" or "sukat."