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Q: What do children learn in grade 000?
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What school grade do children learn about synonyms?

eight years

When do children learn multiplication table?

generally 3rd grade

What is school like in China for children?

They learn what we learn in high school when they are in middle school or grade school.

When do Chinese children learn history?

depends on what area in China you are referring to. In Hong Kong, most children start to learn history when they attend 7th grade.

What languages do Danish children learn at school?

Danish, English at 3th grade, and German/French at 7-9th grade.

In what grade do German school children start learning a foreign language?

Until now, it's usually the fifth grade. But that is about to change so that children will be taught English since the third grade. As we live to the border to France, the children learn now from the 1st grade French and from the 5th grade english.

How did Colonial Children learn?

colonial children learned in a one room school house not in a big school with separate grades.All of the grade were in the same room up to 8 grade all the way down to 1 grade.

In what grade and when during that grade do Children learn how to do column addition problems?

usually starting from 2 nd Grade Around the first trimester usually starting from 2 nd Grade Around the first trimester

What grade do children learn their continents?

Children typically begin learning the continents in early elementary school, around first or second grade. They are introduced to the concept of continents, their names, and basic geographical information about each continent.

Were the 2nd grade worksheets harder then the 1st grade ones Why?

Second grade worksheets are going to slightly be a little harder for some children compared to the first grade worksheets. There are, of course, more steps to learn with all subjects.

What grade do you learn multiplication?

you probably will learn multiplication in 3rd or 4th grade, but it will be pushed until 8th grade where you learn pre-algebra

How many languages do German children learn?

Most German children learn two languages – German and English. English is typically taught in schools as part of the curriculum. Some children may also learn additional languages such as French, Spanish, or another language based on personal interest or family background.