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Q: What do people measure in hundredths?
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How do you measure 50 hundredths of a second?

It is 1/2 of a second

How do you measure on a sryinge?

A 1cc/ml syringe allows you to measure in hundredths, while larger syringes will allow you to measure in tenths. cc - cubic centimeters ml - milliliters IU - international units (insulin syringes)

How do you write 2.45 in word form?

The number 2.45 is two and forty-five hundredths. People might say two point forty-five hundredths.

What fraction of second can be measured by digital or electronic stop watches?

Most digital stopwatches measure tenths or hundredths of a second.

What is the lease count of the venier calliper?

Verniers usually measure hundredths of a millimetre or thousandth of an inch depending on make and model.

What unit would you measure a compact disc?

Radius or diameter in inches or cm. thickness in thousandths or hundredths of an inchor mm.

If 7 ounces equals 22..... what unit of measure is the 22?

7 fluid ounces approx. = 22 one hundredths of a gallon

Why is a centimeter bigger than a milllimeter?

Because "centi-" is a prefix meaning a hundredths while "milli-" is a prefix which means a thousandths. A hundredths of a measure is bigger than a thousandths of the number.

How did people become lawyers in the 19Th hundredths?

they apprenticed themselves to working lawyers!

What is eight hundredths plus three hundredths?

11 hundredths

How many hundredths is 4 hundredths and 3 tenths?

34 hundredths.

How many hundredths in 0.79 equals how many hundredths?

790 hundredths. :)