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Q: What do the numbers in the Glycemic Index mean?
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Are peanuts a low glycemic food?

Yes. The glycemic index of peanuts is 13 which is very low. A glycemic index of up to about 55 is considered low. Also, remember that the glycemic index of a particular food can be affected by the glycemic load of the entire meal. So don't be scared to add a higher glycemic index food to that snack of peanuts.

What is the glycemic index of flour?

The glycemic index of 100 grams of grits is about 40. The glycemic index is a measure of the effect of different carbohydrates on blood glucose levels.

What is a glycemic load chart?

A glycemic index identifies the blood sugar in your blood. Glycemic index can change with different dietary changes. There is a measuring system for this.

What is the glycemic index of gari?

The glycemic index of gari is 56, gari is made from cassava found in places like Nigeria and Ghana. Its glycemic index makes it a healthy carb for diabetics. It is also high in fiber.

Are there websites that have recipes with a low glycemic index?

This website gives you recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner that are low glycemic index.

What is the glycemic index of zucchini?


What is the glycemic index of Pepsi?


Is 100 a high Glycemic index reading?

Yes, glycemic index is on a scale of 1 to 100, so 100 is the highest reading.

Where can I find glycemic index lists?

You can find glycemic index lists at various sites such as one simply called Glycemic Index Lists. You can also find this list on the Harvard University site as well as on many health related websites.

What does glycemic index measure?

The Glycemic Index is a measure of how quickly carbohydrates in the foods you eat are absorbed into the bloodstream and raise your blood sugar levels. Pure glucose (sugar) has a Glycemic Index of 100, and other foods are given their Glycemic Index ratings accordingly. Eating foods with low Glycemic Indices can help lower blood sugar, resulting in weight loss and lowered risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Do rice wine has a high glycemic index?


What is the lowest glycemic index alcohol?