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rope lines

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Q: What do you call ropes that organize lines of people?
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What do you call the ropes around a boxing arena?


You organize the work of peoples what is the name of your job?

questionI organize the timing and the place of manny people what is the name of my job? Answer:I would call you a routing co-ordinator or a shift manager.

Who are phone systems directed towards?

Phone systems are primarily directed towards businesses. Businesses with more than one employee will require multiple phone lines and therefore some sort of system to organize those lines for call routing.

What do you call those things in a theater that hold ropes together?

Those little waist-high poles that the velvet ropes hook onto are called "stanchions."

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A bolo tie.

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They do not. A set of lines can also be considered as a system of linear equations. But the fact that there is such a system does not mean that the lines intersect.

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07958 170171 call an organize

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Party lines refer to a collection of policies within the government. It also refers to a phone call that is shared between several people.

What do you call it when lines intersect?

intersecting lines

What do you call two lines that cross?

If the question means, "What do you call the point where two lines cross?" The answer would be "intersection". Otherwise, I would call them 2 intersecting lines.

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