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Q: What do you called the mark on the present work point?
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What is a turning point of a work called?


A brief first-step presentation of a work to be completed is called a what?

Mark up

What isThe review with the Soldier available to work on the same computer with the Record Manager called?

Soldier Present View

What is the fixed turning point of a simple machine called?

The fixed turning point of a simple machine is called the fulcrum. The fulcrum is the point around which the machine rotates or pivots to perform work.

How do you spell present as in present your work nicely?

The correct spelling is "present," as in "present your work nicely."

What is the motto of Mark's Work Wearhouse?

Mark's Work Wearhouse's motto is 'Clothes That Work'.

What does it mean when a mobile phone shows an exclamation mark sign on battery icon?

If the battery is showing ! mark means, you need to charge the battery immedaitely and some of the applictions may not work at this point for E.g your camera flash will not work to take any pictures. In some mobiles music,games,even phone calls can not be done at this point.

How can you work out a loci?

Loci of a point: -First, draw a point/dot anywhere -Then, decide the distance from the point to the other points (5cm) -Mark 5cm above the first point. -With your compass, place the sharp part on the first point, and the pencil on the second point. Draw a circle, and there! That's the loci of a point.

When was Mark's Work Wearhouse created?

Mark's Work Wearhouse was created in 1977.

What is called The review with the Soldier available to work on the same computer with the Record Manager?

Soldier Present View

What is the ratio of force to work called?

It is the inverse of the displacement of the point of application in the direction of of the force.

What is the future perfect tense of work?

The present tense of work is work (I work, you work, he works, she works, it works, we work they work). The present continuous - am/is/are working; the present perfect - have/has worked; the present perfect continuous - have/has been working.