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Q: What do you look for when you are making a prediction on a graph?
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What type of graph is good for making prediction?

A polygraph! This can be used to ensure that the person who is doing the predicting is not a prevaricator!

What will you likely NOT see on a graph?

A prediction

Are you not likely to see a graph?

prediction 🔥

When you anticipate the results of your experiment before you begin you are making an?

prediction. :)

Vertical scale and interval affect the look of a bar graph or a line graph?

by making the graph have an important missing part...(hope it helps!)

Can a graph be used to make a prediction?

pi ( π ) which is 3.14

Are you likely to see a prediction on a graph?

No as a graph is used to record information you or someone else found out not to record predictions.

What type of graph is most useful for making predictions about dependent variables?

A regression graph is most useful for predicting dependent variables, as it shows the relationship between the independent and dependent variables, allowing for the prediction of future values.

What steps follows making prediction?

After making a prediction, gathering and analyzing the data is the next appropriate step.

What step follows making a prediction?

After making a prediction, the next step is to conduct an experiment or gather data to test the validity of the prediction. This allows you to evaluate whether your prediction was accurate and make any necessary adjustments.

When you are making a sciencetific prediction you are making what?

a hypothesis

What type of graph might be used to show a prediction of how a trend may continue in the future?

It would probally be a Line Graph