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Q: What do you understand by negative and positive hall effect?
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How do you check whether it is a n type or p type in Hall effect?

if hall voltage is positive then it is p-type & if it is negative then it is n-type semiconductor.

What is the difference between hall-effect in metals and semiconductor?

In metals, the Hall effect occurs due to the motion of free electrons, resulting in a positive Hall voltage. In semiconductors, the Hall effect is primarily generated by the movement of both free and bound charge carriers, leading to a negative or positive Hall voltage depending on the type of semiconductor (n-type or p-type, respectively). Semiconductors exhibit a more complex and tunable Hall effect compared to metals.

How do you calculate the empty hall resistivity?

Hall resistivity is determined from the polarity of the voltage sum. If the sum is positive, the sample is p-type, if it is negative it is n-type.

Hall effect in semiconductor?

Hall effect

Is Arsenio Hall HIV positive?

Yes Arsenio Hall is HIV positive.

Can insulator be used in hall effect?

no, Hall Effect occurs in semiconductors

When was The Hall Effect - band - created?

The Hall Effect - band - was created in 2004.

Why value of hall coefficient is negative?

The Hall coefficient has the same sign as the charge carrier. The charge carrier in a normal electric current, the electron, is negative, and as a result the Hall coefficient is negative.

Why intrinsic semiconductor has negative halls coefficient?

The difference in the electron and hole mobilities is responsible for the small negative Hall coefficient of intrisic semiconductors. Refs: C.M.Hurd : Hall effect in metals and alloys R.Asokamani :solid state physics Busch& Schade; Solid state Physics

What is the difference between ac Hall effect and dc Hall effect?

The AC Hall effect is used to measure the sign and magnitude of an alternating magnetic field, whereas the DC Hall effect is used to measure the sign and magnitude of a steady magnetic field. In AC Hall effect, the magnetic field changes direction periodically, while in DC Hall effect, the magnetic field is constant.

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What is Hall effect and what is a Hall effect current transformer?

a current flow close to a magnetic source it influence the sources hall effect is a disturbed signal as a function of speed.