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Q: What do you use to determine whether a graph shows a function?
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What is the use of a contour plot graph?

It shows whether, and how steeply, the terrain or function is increasing or decreasing.

What is the role of the y-intercept in a function?

is shows the point where a graph crosses the y-axis

How do you tell whether a graph shows a constant or variable rate of change?

The slope of each point on the line on the graph is the rate of change at that point. If the graph is a straight line, then its slope is constant. If the graph is a curved line, then its slope changes.

What happens to the graph of an exponential function if b is a function between 0 and 1?

This question appears to relate to some problem for which we have no information. The graph of an exponential function shows a doubling at regular intervals. But we are not told what the role is of b, so we cannot comment further.

How do you graph the slope of a function?

For example, if the slope at a certain point is 1.5, you can draw a line that goes through the specified point, with that slope. The line would represent the slope at that point. If you want to graph the slope at ALL POINTS, take the derivative of the function, and graph the derivative. The derivative shows the slope of a function at all points.

What is the difference between a pie graph and a bar graph?

a pie graph shows percentages and a bar graph shows numbers and amounts

Graph that shows parts of a whole?

A pie graph shows parts of a whole

What is the function of sigmoid?

A sigmoid is a mathematical function that is shown on a curve. It essentially shows data on a graph or chart but only ends up showing that data in the shape of an S.

What kind of graph is the most useful for showing the relationship between two?

Line Graph

How do you graph y equals x2 plus 3 in quadratic form?

You may mean, what is the graph of the function y = x^2 + 3. This graph shows a upward parabola with a y-intercept of 3 and a minimum at x=0.

A graph of boyles law shows the relationship between?

a graph law graph shows the relationship between pressure and volume

What are uses of distance - time graph?

You can determine one variable from the other at any given point for that motion, and differentiating the graph gives you the speed at any selected point. You can do this without the plot itself but a graph shows the relationship clearly and immediately.