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past the soccer ball

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Q: What does 'PTS' mean in soccer statistics?
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what does a court bond PTS stand for

What is pts mean in rugby?

PTS is a shortened version of the word POINTS

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What does m s and g mean in soccer stats for team players?

The M, S, and G in soccer statistics for team players mean missed chances, shots, and goals respectively.

What does the plus minus mean in sports?

(Team pts. scored with you minus team pts. given up with you) minus (Team pts. scored without you minus team pts. given up without you).

What does PTS mean in basketball stats?


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What does Net Pts mean in NFL standings?

In any NFL team standing, the Net Points (Net Pts) are the Points For (PF) minus the Points Against (PA). PF - PA = Net Pts

What are the statistics of soccer?

The most common statistics kept in soccer are: Games Played, Goals, Assists, Points, Fouls, Cards, Ejections, Shots On Goal, Corner Kicks, Saves and Blocks.

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