What does 0.4 GPM mean?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Q: What does 0.4 GPM mean?
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What is the GPM for the average clotheswasher?

52 gpm

What does gpm stand for?

gallon per minute (gpm).

What does GPM mean?

Gallons per minute. This is usually used with liquid flow, like from a pump.

How do you convert KW to GPM?

Kw x 3412 / 10000 = gpm I think

What flow rate is required for an infinity edge swimming pool of 35 feet?

It doesn't make any difference how many sides of the pool are negative edge, only the total number of linear feet of negative edge and how level you can make the edge. The longer the edge the more important it is that it be level, because even small amounts of out of level require huge flow rates to compensate for. Approximate GPM required per linear foot for various water depths: 1/8" - 5 gpm ¼" - 10 gpm ½" - 17 gpm ¾" - 28 gpm 1" - 40 gpm 1.5" - 70 gpm 2" - 105 gpm As a minimum 5x35=175 GPM

What is the best gpm for the faucet?

Most domestic ones flow at a little over 2 gpm.

The gpm through 2inch water pipe?

Under 400 GPM at best (without friction)

Will a water softener that puts out 9 gpm accommodate a home that puts out 5 gpm?

Yes, a water softener that put out 9gpm will be able to accommodate a home that puts out a 5 gpm.

How many gallons of water does a sprinkler use per minute?

almost 400 GPM

How much water is 2650 gph in gpm?

To convert gallons per hour (gph) to gallons per minute (gpm), simply divide the flow rate by 60 (since there are 60 minutes in an hour). Therefore, 2650 gph is equivalent to 44.17 gpm.

How many gpm will flow through a 1 pipe at 80 psi?


What does GPM mean for a water pump?

Gallons per minute, a unit of volumetric flow rate