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Think of the following 'sketch' as your 40 boxes... Each X represents one box. Each O represents a shaded box.





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Q: What does 10 percent look like when shaded out of 40 boxes?
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What does 10 percent of 40 look like when shaded in?

On a pie chart, it's similar to if you cut a pizza into 10 equal slices and took one.Alternative Answer:-10% of 40 is 4 so it would look like 40 with 0 being shaded in.

What is the formula to find the area of the shaded and non shaded part in the rectangle?

It depends on what the shaded and non-shaded parts look like!

How do you work out shaded squares?

Count all the squares then count the shaded squares put the shaded number at the top and the number of all squares at the bottom so it might look like this ⅜ 8 is the total and 3 is the number of shaded squares

How does 1 over 4 look like in 12 boxes?

3 boxes.

How would 0.5 of a circle look shaded in?

Only half of the circle would be shaded.

What does a percent look like?


What did the anasazi's houses look like?

they looked like cardboard boxes

What is the difference of shaded drawing from shadow drawing?

The same as the difference as "stick figures" is to "sticks." "Shadow drawing" is, literally, drawing shadows. I can draw the shadow of a star, and it will look like a black, blurry star. "Shaded drawing" is something that you have drawn and shaded. You can draw a box, and then shade the box. <--a shaded drawing You can draw a shadow. <--a drawn shadow (shadow drawing)

What do the boxes of proof look like in kingdom hearts?

in wonderland? little pink cubes.

How does a quadrant look like?

When drawing a graph, there are four quadrants, which are the "boxes" surrounding the origin.

What does four fifths of a shaded rectangle look like?

Like this : Draw a Rectangle , Divide the rectangle into 5 even parts. Shade 4 of the 5 parts. Thats it.

What does 1 percent look like?