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Q: What does 3 attempts for each question mean?
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How many points can be earned in a pole vault in track and field?

Each person attempting the long jump will have three attempts. Competitors must have at least one legal jump to count in the final totals.

What do you mean by increased in sales volume?

if target given is 33% we can achieve it by getting 1 Sale in 3 attempts ,the outcome is 33% but does NT impact business if we get 3 sales in 9 attempts that is ctermed as sales with volumes

How many points will be taken off for each question on a 150 question test?

100/150 = 2/3 a point for each question

What is the rule of 3 and how can you write persuasively?

There are two questions here. WikiAnswers is designed to give one answer for one question. Please write out each question as one question and someone will answer each one.

For fallout 3 What is the password for protection robot?

well there are various protection robots and the password changes each time you try to hack one so there is no answer for this question but when you have only one attempt left exit out and you are able to hack again also look for the "[]" and what is in between it that restores your attempts or it will remove dulls.

What is your grade if you get 3 wrong on a 80 question test?

To calculate your grade, you need to know how much each question is worth. If each question is worth the same, you can divide the number of correct answers (80 - 3 = 77) by the total number of questions (80) and multiply by 100 to get a percentage. If each question is worth different points, you'll need to know the point value of each question to calculate your grade.

What does it mean quarterly billing?

Each 3 months............12/4=3

What is each question worth if there are 32 questions?

About 2.9 points, so 3

What does it mean in baseball to go two for three?

you made 2 hits of 3 attempts new: no, it really means to stretch a single into a double. or a double into a triple

What does the term team rushing attempts such as North Carolina State currently has mean in college football In NCS vs SC there were 3 rushing attempts not charged to individual runners but to team?

It's just how many times total a team has run the ball.

What 3 birds eat each other?

this is a sick question. no one wants to know!

How many attempts for 2nd puc exam?

At least 3