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The answer is 10

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Q: What does 8.15 round to the nearest 10?
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What is 815 Rounded to the Nearest Ten?

820 when the last # is 5 or higher round up

What is 815 rounded by the nearest ten?

815 rounded to the nearest tens is 820

What is 815 rounded to the nearest hundreds?


Round to nearest tens place 815?

In the decimal numbering system, the digits are each in a place that indicates their value. The number 815 has: * an 8 in the place indicating the number of hundreds, * a 1 in the place indicating the number of tens, * a 5 in the place indicating the number of ones. To "round to the nearest tens place" means to round the value of the places below the tens. In the number 815, this is only the digit 5. In a commonly used rounding system, all digits below 5 are rounded down to 0, and all digits above and including 5 are rounded up to the next place. 815 therefore rounds to 820. (814 would round to 810.)

Round 412 nearest 10?

Round 412 nearest 10? Answer: 400 Reason: You play with last 2 digits of 412 (because he asked to round nearest 10; i.e. 12, now 11-14 is nearest to 10 so round to 10. So, 412 nearest to 10 is then 400.

How do you round 11 to the nearest ten?

11 round to the nearest ten is 10

How do you round to the the nearest ten million?

Round 42,199,279 to the nearest 10 million.

How do you round 1.50 to the nearest 10?

Tio the nearest 10, it is 0.

How do you round 25 to the nearest 10?

As it ends with a five, it will round up, so 30 is the nearest 10.

Round 15 to the nearest 10?

Round 15 to the nearest 10 would be 20, as it is closer to 20 than 10.

How do you round 455 to the nearest 10s?

how to round 34 to the nearest 10`s

How do you round 26 to the nearest ten?

cf. "How do you round 85 to the nearest 10?" in this website.