What does Amigurumi mean?

Updated: 11/4/2022
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Amigurumi are knit or crochet animals/plushies. They are cute, handmade, stuffed toys that are Japanese in origin. Amigurumi toys are almost always animals with round bodies, somewhat large heads and small limbs. The goal is to create something that is very 'Kawaii' or cute. They are usually done by repeating a single crochet stitch in the round.

With the popularity of manga and anime, amigurumi is becoming trendy as well. There are many patterns available in book form or free online. See the related link for an example.

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Q: What does Amigurumi mean?
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What does amigurumi mean in Japanese?

Amigurumi is a knitted or crocheted small stuffed animal.

What is an amigurumi?

An amigurumi is a stuffed animal usually made from crocheted yarn and typically with an oversized head.

What is the Japanese word for crochet toys?


How do you amigurumi crochet?

Amigurumi is simply the single crochet stitch in a pattern to create an object. If you need patterns or ideas, has some great free once to try out.

How do you pronounce amigurumi?


How do you in Japanese say crochet toy?

Amigurumi is a crochet stuffed toy.

Does anyone know a pattern for an amigurumi Tigger?

There are a lot of patterns online.

WHAT DOES amineko Japanese mean in English?

It can be colloquial abbreviation for 'amigurumi neko' which mean anthropomorphic (designed with human characteristics) stuffed cat doll. 'Ami' refers to 'knitting characterized by small netting'.

How do you you pronounce amigutumi?

Amigutumi is a synonym for the word "amigurumi," which is a type of crocheted doll. Amigutumi is pronounced "ami gut ew me."

What has the author Vitus Loers written?

Vitus Loers is the author of "The Night Before Christmas in Crochet: The Complete Poem with Easy-to-Make Amigurumi Characters," a book that combines the classic holiday poem with crochet instructions to create amigurumi characters.

You want to curl some yarn does yarn melt?

crochet or knit a swatch then wet with water thoroughly set for 3 - 8 days carefully undo the swatch then attach hair to amigurumi or doll

What are some cute plush toys?

Cute plush toys are sewn from textile, stuffed with a soft materal, for example, cotton. One recent example of plush toys is Ted from the movie Ted. Other examples include Amigurumi from Japan, which is cute with a big head.