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Q: What does In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes mean?
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Is fifteen minutes of fame a idiom?

No because it means exactly what it seems to mean. It is a cliche expression used by a famous American - "Everyone has their 15 minutes of fame."

Does Personality mean Famous People?

No, personality means who you are inside, for example, if your sweet lovely and sweet and if personality did mean famous people then wouldn't everyone want to be famous, and if you were mean nasty and mean would everyone not want to be famous. Everybody has personality

What does the future of your nation lies in the book bag of your children mean?

The future of your nation is in the education of the children

How do you say that you will do something in the near future Like You have got to go in 5 minutes Is there a phrase that can replace 5 minutes here?

"Presently" or "shortly" mean "in the next few moments. " Do not use "momentarily," which means "for a moment."

What does Flash-forward mean?

FlashForward was a television series which was aired in 2009-2010. The premise was that everyone on Earth blacked out at the same time and had a short vision of their future.

Can you be famous on Sims 3?

I dont know.... i mean if ya become friends with a lot of people... but i mean duhhhhhYou can make your Sim famous but you have to have the Sims 3 late night.....When you get it go round town and try and find someone who is already famous and then become friends with them...When you are keep making friends with other people who are famous and then you will in the end become really famous and everyone will recognize you!! :)

How can you benefits and savind plan?

If you mean the benefits of saving plan, than these are numerous. Primarily a saving plan is essential for everyone, to secure their future in old age. Saving Plan also helps you to tackle any event in future.

Does mean have a future tense in the sense of an understanding of something in the future?

Yes, the future tense of the verb to mean is will mean.Example: If the sun is out tomorrow it will mean that the picnic is on.

What is the present and future tense of the word mean?

Present tense: I/you/we/they mean. He/she/it means. The present participle is meaning. Future tense: Will mean.

Who was the wife of King George VII?

The future shall determine if there will be a George VII. If you mean George VI: it was Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the famous Queen Mum.

What is the present and future tenses of the word meant?

Present - I mean, She means. Future - I will mean, She will mean. Past - Meant.

What does 'future endeavors' mean?

"Future endeavors" are efforts or projects that will be pursued in the future.